The SALA-MANCA GROUP is a group of independent Jerusalem-based artists that creates in different fields: performance, video, installation & new media since 2000. Sala-manca’s works deal with poetics of translation (cultural, mediatic and social), with textual, urban and net contexts and with the tensions between low tech and high tech aesthetics, as well as social and political issues.

[h]earat shulaym | heara

The group also publishes (H)Earat Shulaym - (Note in the Margin): Independent Quarterly for Contemporary Art and Literature, and
produces and curates Heara events,
and multidisciplinary events organized in an independent way with no commercial or official sponsors.


Since december 2003 edits together with Matvey Shapiro, a Jerusalem art network envisioned as a platform for experimental projects in the area of netbased and digital art and for the exchange of independent information on contemporary art.

the upgrade! tel aviv-jerusalem

Since August 2005 organizes and curates The Upgrade! Tel Aviv-Jerusalem, ensual gatherings hold by new media artists, curators and media activists. It is aimed to introduce the works and activities of local and global new-media artists and activists, to find opportunities to learn from each other, to collaborate and develop this field in Israel and beyond. The Upgrade! is part of an international network originated by Yael Kanarek in N.Y.

The New Media Cheyder
(new media studyroom)
The aim of the "New Media Cheder" is to generate a platform which allows active artists to share and achieve knowdlege in an intime and non-institutional frame.

The SALA-MANCA GROUP is Lea Mauas and Diego Rotman, artists born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, who live and work in Jerusalem.


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