Variations on Cultural Icons 1,2 & 3 /Kaleydoscop - Yiddish Avant-Garde / Hazira Performance Art, June 2002 / Intervention, Xerox Works/ Jerusalem Streets, February 2002 / The argentinean House, Abril 2001


Variations on Cultural Icons I
This work, which took place in Jerusalem streets towards the last Prime Minister elections, set up an alternative candidate to the elections while making use of the political propaganda language: the Yiddish writer Schalom Aleichem, whose name has several meanings ("Peace on you", "Goodbye to you"…)



Objects that are neglected in the day-to-day life were disconnected from their natural context in order to find their new place at the side of the Yiddish writer Shalom Aleichem. The exhibition reconstructs these very objects and the cultural icon and sets them back in the center of the actual dialogue. The exhibition by itself quotes the Work Number 1.